Friday, May 20, 2016

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod/ FAQ, Help & Troubleshooting - Android

Welcome to the Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod FAQ (Frequently asked questions), we'll try to address some common game problems and possible solutions. This is to help people having issues with the game to get them fixed!
First of all, as a rule of thumb, delete any version of TSTO before you install a new one.

Q: Why does the crash?
A: In order for the to work when you open it, it must show the info splashscreen (the one that replaces Fox, , Gracie s one). If it doesn't, once you login, the game will crash just a few moments after the donuts spins. Just reopen the app and it should work.

Q: The game crashes all the time, when I go to a friend's town, when I play, etc.
A: Plse note that recent crashes are caused by the game itself (unless you run in the above question's problem). It's 's fault in this case, not the , plse refrain from complaining.

Q: How do i get infinite donuts?
A: After installing the app and login to your Origin account and you're in the game, just buy ANYTHING that costs ingame money (trees, houses, bushes, anything) and your donuts counter goes to over 9000 and beyond.

Q: How do I get infinite money?
A: You automatically get it once you enter the game with installed.

Q: Is my account in danger of ban?
A: No, the donuts reset themself upon syncing (Exit the game, go to Krustyland, enter the friends screen and such).

Q: Why can't I keep the donuts?
A: If you kept the bilions of dounts you'd be banned (it's called Antiban for a rson)

Q: How do I get unlimited tickets?
A: Buy laffy mls with the erated donuts.

Q: Can I lower my quantity of donuts and money?
A: Yes and no. You can lower your money only by going back to the original app or coolhomer's and spending them! Best way to do that is to keep buying and selling the World's Largest Zirconia.

Q: The app just updated on the App Store and I can't use this anymore or the app asks me to update and can't use it anymore, whatever shall I do?
A: Just wait for our grt admin to update the (usually within the day *american time* of relse of the update).

Q: Does this work on BlueStacks?
A: YES! Works on the latest version of Bluestacks:
In case it crashes, press F11 to make it full screen while opening it.

Q: How do i enter age, accept legals, and tap ingame in eral?
A: Just click a little lower then where you would tap, and it works. The @ can be inserted by using normal alt+ò. s must be inserted using the s above the letteres, numpad doesn't work.

Q: I get a screen with Bart holding a plug. Saying the connection failed. What
do I do?
A: Try again in a few minutes. Server might be crowded. Also, does the official version work?

Q: It wont install. This error shows up:
A: Make sure to remove any version of the game before installing it. Try redownloading the apk if it's still not working.

Q: The app crashes after logging in.
A: Delete any version of TSTO and then reinstall the mod.

Q: Oh god I'm having negative cash / donut amounts! What to do?
A: No problem, simply restart the game and build something, also try buying money for donuts in the currency menu. DELETE
Rept until it's fixed.

Any other question, plse comment!

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